There are no hidden charges with an AZUREmoney loan.

Yes, you can settle your loan early at anytime. Call us to find out how much is still owed and to discuss how much you wish to repay. When you contact us, we will provide you with an early settlement quotation, which is valid for 28 days.

Our preferred method of payment is Continuous Payment Authority (CPA) which will be agreed at loan approval but we may also collect by Direct Debit.

You can contact us at any time during the agreement with us to update or cancel your Continuous Payment Authority or Direct Debit authorisation. If you do cancel it, you will need to arrange an alternative form of payment that is acceptable to us.

Please call us and we will make those changes for you.

Keeping your account details up to date is very important. To change any of your payment details, contact details or personal information please call our Customer Support team on 0808 1696 200.

We set your first contractual payment date 30 days from the date you signed your credit agreement, if you need to change your scheduled payment date, call us on 0808 1696 200 and we can make this change free of charge. Please note: we only accept a maximum of two payment date changes a year.

We only allow one AZUREmoney loan per person at a time.

The contractual term of your credit agreements is set to 36 months, you can settle your loan early by requesting a settlement figure from us but we do not offer a facility to extend the term of the loan.

If your circumstances change, please call us on 0808 1696 200 so that we can work with you on a viable solution.

If you experience difficulties meeting the contractual payments of your loan it is important that you contact us as soon as possible on 0808 1696 200 so we can review your situation and agree a course of action.

Callcredit Limited is one of the four UK Credit Reference Agencies that collects data about people, for use by lenders and other companies. The other three agencies are Crediva, Experian and Equifax. To understand how AZUREmoney use CallCredit in relation to your data please see section 4 of our Privacy Policy.

If we need to contact you regarding important account information, we will use the contact details you have provided to us. We may email, call or text you if we need to contact you, this is why it is important that you keep your contact details up to date on your account.

We will provide you will an annual statement (every 12 months) during the life time of your loan

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to us. We will also strive to protect your privacy and your data – in compliance with our Privacy Policy, see section 13 of our Privacy Policy to understand how we do this